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Seat Sitz TRAVELSCOOT Komplettset - nur fuer TravelScootbesitzer!

Produktinformationen "Seat Sitz TRAVELSCOOT Komplettset - nur fuer TravelScootbesitzer!"
Sitzflaeche ~ 35 x 25 cm mit Aluplatte für Sattelstützaufnahme, Rueckenlehne komplett und Sattelstütze.

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Frage : Hi- I am interested in purchasing a TravelScoot De-Luxe Set Li 274Wh. However, I need to be able to set the seat height to 18inches (+/- 1inch) from the floor to allow me to easily transfer to other seats. Is this possible with the range of adjustment of the standard model? If not, is there any suitable combination of "U" frames and seatposts that would allow me to do this. Thanks for your time - best regards John
Von : einem Kunden

Antwort des Shopbetreibers:
Hi John, I would recommend to check the Video where the seat height is explained.

or go to YouTube and put in The TravelScoot Full-size vs Jr. in the search field.