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Lithiumbatterycharger TravelScoot

Product information "Lithiumbatterycharger TravelScoot"

Lithiumbatterycharger Travelscoot for all original TravelScoot lithium batteries.

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Question : Can this charger be used to charge the standard/deluxe Travelscoot ?
From : customer

Dear Scott, yes - if you want to charge an original TravelScoot lithium battery it will work and is made for that - if you have an lead acid (Pb) battery you need the Pb charger.

All original TravelScoot lithium batteries can be charged with this charger. It is the same unit since 15 years.
With best regards  
Bernd TravelScoot sales & support EU

Question : Will it charge with the 420Wh charger?
From : customer

Dear Alan, all original TravelScoot lithium batteries charge with the same  TravelScoot lithium battery charger - since 20 years now! Best regards -