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This One-Piece MotorKit Instant Elektro additive is perfect if you like to decide within some minutes if you want to go electric or not. It is adjusted to your bike without tools (if there is no mudguard on it) within some seconds. The 250 Watt motor speeds you up to 25 km/h for 40 kilometers by 6,8 kg weight. The pedal sensor comes with the set to be street legal.instant power on your bike!


The RUBBEE is just suitable for bikes without a rack and without mudguards - the rear wheel needs to be free available. Please note that due to the moderate power of the RUBBEE it is not suitable for mountainbikes MTB


INFO: Rubbee X units that have been purchased up until ~October have an old version of the sensors firmware.

The new firmware for the sensors prolongs the life of the battery significantly.

At the moment, we offer our customers to ship their current old version firmware sensors to us for the update.


- Always take a spare sensor battery with you on longer tours!

- The RUBBEE only makes some steam with 2 batteries installed!


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RUBBEE X Electric e-bike conversion kit
FeaturesOne hand. One second.Once installed, the patented lock mechanism enables Rubbee to be installed and detached in one second. Fastest conversion kit on the market Patented Rhino lock technologyGo electric. Go wireless.Thanks to the wireless cadence sensor Your bicycle becomes electric without adding a single wire. It tracks Your cadence and provides electric assist automatically. No buttons to push. Bluetooth 4.2 low-energy Replaceable CR2032 cellCarry less or ride moreRemovable modular batteries let You configure Rubbee as You need. Have an ultra light e-drive for quick daily rides or extend the range by installing up to 3 battery modules by Yourself. The choice is Yours. Integrated battery protection modules Airlines-safe, <100WhBe visible. Be safe.The ultra bright rear safety light consists of 14 LEDs. Not only it works as a brake light but it also displays battery level and acts as a turn indicator. One of the brightest safety lights on the market Various blinking modesRegenerate downhill. Fly uphill.Just do half a turn backwards with Your pedals and regenerative braking will kick-in. The more You regenerate the more range You have. Optional regen levels. Exercise mode available Power mode – ON.Once You upgrade Your Rubbee to all 3 battery modules, the POWER mode will be made available. Power output can be increased to 350W and top speed to 32 km/h (20 mph). EU/US e-bike laws compatible Torque increases by 25%Be smart. Get smarter.With our advanced ride analytics You can track Your daily rides and control the power output, regenerative braking and other features all from Your Android or iOS smartphone. Over-the-air updates Ride analytics

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RUBBEE X Battery Module
Voltage 36 VCapacity 93.6 WhWeight 0.6 kg / 1.3 lbsChemistry Li-IonWant more range and torque out of your Rubbee X? This battery module is just for You ! Base model Rubbee X comes with 1 module installed, but You can install 2 extra modules for up to 3 in total (2 total are just legal in Germany due to max speed ). Go faster and further !

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RUBBEE X Second Bike Kit
This allows the RUBBEE X to be pre-installed on 2nd or 3rd or 4th bikes so that it only needs to be clicked on. Consisting of the adapter holder and a wireless sensor incl. CR2032 battery pre-installedOwn multiple bikes and would like to use Rubbee X on all of them? It's easy ! This kit includes the wireless sensor and lock mechanism. It allows to switch Rubbee X instantly from one bike to another. Sensor comes with CR2032 battery pre-installed.

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RUBBEE X Charger Charger
...fits for RUBBEE X.Recharge on the go ! If You want to charge Rubbee X in multiple locations (office/home) You can purchase additional charger to do just that.

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Rubbee charger for old RUBBEE system until 2017
15V 7A charger with a connection plug. Wire lenght: AC outlet to charger 1.5m, Charger to charging plug 1.2m. ! NOT SUITABLE FOR RUBBE X!

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RUBBEE X pedal sensor
Wireless sensor RUBBEEXCompletely wireless system sensor.Thanks to the wireless cadence sensor electric bike conversion is easy and pedal assist will be enabled as soon as you start pedaling. The truly wireless electric bike kit. Incl. 2032 battery - Including 2032 button cell.

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Rubbee SensorKit f. Hollowtech
Sensor kit f. RUBBEE MotorKit special f. Hollowtech

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2032 button cell 5 pack
5 x 3 V lithium, 20x3.2 mm

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2032 Button cell pcs.
3 V lithium, 20x3.2 mm