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Small dimensions and low weight are the main features of these electric scooters with EKFV approval. Ideal if the e-scooters have to be carried or if they have to be used in public transport even during rush hour. These electric scooters still fit into a shoulder bag and usually have fold-down handlebar grips. 

Tragbarer leichter Elektroroller

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Das kompakte Kraftpaket - ideal für den Pendlereinsatz da kompakte Baumaße und den pannensichere Vollgummi-PU-Reifen sowie ein innovativer schneller Klappmechanismus. - Der emicro Explorer S bietet mit einer nominalen Motorleistung von 450 Watt und einer maximalen Motorleistung von 500 Watt sowie einer Reichweite von 40 Kilometer ein unverwechselbar sportliches und dynamisches Fahrelebnis. Geklappt ist er nur etwas über 1 m lang und mit eingeklappten Lenker 14,5 cm breit und somit auch in der Rush Hour an Bord.Eine besonderheit ist auch der Drehgeschwindigkeitsregler der 2 Funktionen hat - 1. Geschwindigkeit bestimmen; 2. Bremsen wenn in die andere Richtung gedreht wird. Sehr innovativ!Features- Großes Trittbrett mit rutschfester Gummibeschichtung- Höhenverstellbare Lenkstange und einklappbare Lenkergriffe- Vorder- und Hinterradfederung- integriertes Display- Kompatibel mit der micro App- inkl Front und Rücklichter- Fahrprogramme: Fußgänger Modus: 6 km/h Eco Modus: 15 km/h Standard Modus: 20 km/hGewicht: 14,7 KgTrittbrettmaße: 39 x 13 cmZuladung: 100 KgLenkerhöhe: flexibel 84,5-109,5 cmFarbe: silber/schwarzH x L x B : 1085 x 1050 x 520 mmgeklappt: 320 x 1050 x 145 mmRäder: 200mm PU-vollgummibis 70%: ~ 2,5 Stunden100%: 4 StundenLCD Display mit Akkustand & GeschwindigkeitVersicherung:- Mit Bestellung des Explorer S erhältst du zur Auslieferung ein Antragsformular für die Versicherung, welches mit den E-Scooter spezifischen Daten bereits gefüllt ist, zugesendet. Trage deine Daten ein und sende es an die Versicherung.- Dein Kennzeichen wird dir dann nach Vertragsschluß von dieser zugesendet.- Du musst diesen Service aber nicht nutzen, wenn du bereits eine andere Versicherung gewählt hast.

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MOOVI Pro Comfort
Thanks to a highly vibration-reducing mat on the footboard, the Moovi e-scooter offers you maximum riding comfort. One of the most compact e-scooters with road approval. Best of all, the electric scooter can be extended with an optional load system.Technical highlights was the focus during the development of the Moovi:1. Innovative chassis: For a comfortable and safe ride2. One-hand folding mechanism:Enables the Moovi to be folded and unfolded particularly easily3. Silent linear motor:Quiet, economical, maintenance-free and, above all, energy-returning4. Small pack size:...and only 13kg light.Technical data:Speed: approx. 20 km/hRange: up to 30 kmWeight: approx. 13 kgDimensions (open): 108cm * 54cm * 116cmDimensions (closed): 111cm * 16cm * 36cmMaximum load: Up to 130 kgTires: Front: Pneumatic tires 7.9 inches Rear: Solid rubber tires 7.9 inches Battery: Li-Ion - 36V - 7.8 Ah?(permanently installed in the bolted frame)Power: 300W electric motorLighting: Strong LED front spotlight - whiteStrong LED rear spotlight - redAcceleration: Electronic (right thumb)Brakes: Drum brake (front wheel, left handle)Electronic (front wheel, left handle)Mechanical (rear wheel)KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) - system for brake energy recoverySuspension: Front suspension strutRear rubber suspensionCharging time: 2-4 hoursApproved as a micro electric vehicle.SCOPE OF DELIVERY đź—¸VehicleChargerBattery packInstruction manualMultitoolData confirmationDust cover

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pannensichere 🛞
Der emicro Colibri ist der High-End-Scooter mit herausragender Leistung, hohem Komfort und ist für die letzte Meile gedacht. Durch sein geringes Gewicht von 9,9kg lässt er sich praktisch zusammenklappen und überall hin mitnehmen. Die Trommelbremse vorne erlaubt präziseres Bremsen. Der Hinterradantrieb sorgt für guten Schwung und schnelles beschleunigen. Der Colibri (DE) hat eine Straßenzulassung in Deutschland und wird speziell herfür mit den gesetzlichen Vorschriften hergestellt. Das deutsche Modell besitzt eine ABE, eine Kennzeichenhalterung, ein Typenschild, seitliche Reflektoren und Straßenverkehrskonforme Lichter.Features:- StVO-Zulassung DE- Geringes Gewicht- Daumengashebel- Faltmechanismus- Vorderradfederung- Straßenverkehrskonforme Lichter- Trommelbremse vorne- Hinterrad-Antrieb- Kennzeichenhalterung- Smartphone - Halterung- micro App fähigTechnische Daten "emicro Colibri (DE)"Akku: 3.2 Ah, 115.2 Wh, LG cellsSteigfähigkeit: 15 - 20%Gewicht: 9,9 kgBelastbarkeit: 100 kgGeschwindigkeit: bis zu 20 km/hLadezeit bis 70%: ~ 1,5 StundenLadezeit: 2,5 StundenMaße (HxLxB): 1081 x 943 x 560 mmMaße zusammengeklappt: 460 x 943 x 560 mmMotor: 150WReichweite: bis zu 12 kmRolle-hinten: 120mm GummiRolle-vorne: 200mm Gummi

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Take your riding experience to a new level with the STREETBOOSTER Vega. Paving the way for the mobility of the future, the STREETBOOSTER Vega impresses with its sleek design and agility, turning every moment into a special riding experience. Weighing just 13.5 kg, it accompanies you effortlessly through the urban jungle. Whether you carry it up the stairs, steer it smoothly through the streets or take it on the bus or train - its lightness makes every journey a pleasure. Its motor is so powerful that it can even manage steeper routes.The simple folding mechanism opens up a world of freedom and independence. You can open or close the STREETBOOSTER Vega in just three seconds. The STREETBOOSTER Vega ensures that you are in good hands, because your safety is the top priority. Powerful and precisely controllable brakes ensure that you stay in control of every situation. Ergonomic indicators on the handlebar ends make you visible to other road users so that you can cruise through the city without a care in the world.Great power with low weight - the STREETBOOSTER Vega. The perfect vehicle for public transport and people who have to lift the vehicle frequently.Folded dimensions (L x W x H): 110 cm x 53 cm x 117 cmFootboard dimensions (L x W): 46 cm x 13.5 cmFolded dimensions (L x W x H): 110 cm x 53 cm x 48 cmBattery voltage: 36 voltsBattery type: lithium-ion batteryAge recommendation: from 14 yearsApp (via Bluetooth): Android & iOSTurn signals on the handlebars: yesRear brake: Disc brakeFront brake: Electric with recuperationBrake light: yesDisplay: LEDSpeed levels: yesWeight: 14.1 kgHeight footboard to handlebar: 101 cmIP protection class: IP54 (splash-proof)Charging time to 100%: 5 hours (battery-saving)Charging time to 80%: 2 hoursMaximum speed: 22 km/hMaximum gradient: 15 %Maximum rider weight: 106 kgMotor continuous power: 400 wattsMotor peak power: 760 wattsNewton meters: 25Wheelbase: 84 cmRange in normal conditions: 34 kmRange in optimum conditions: 42 kmTyre type: tubeless, air-filledTyre size: 9 inchesSecurity: immobilizer, password protectionSCOPE OF DELIVERY đź—¸VehicleChargerrechargeable batteryInstruction manualInsurance license plate (only valid after activation)

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Large air-filled tiresWe have installed large 8.5 inch air-filled tires. This allows you to maintain full control of your e-scooter even in bumpy road conditions and continue your fun ride. Tires that are too small or solid rubber tires lead to extremely poor riding comfort. Even the smallest bump will be noticeable.Simple folding deviceIt is annoying to have to fiddle around for a long time when folding up an e-scooter. That's why we have invented and patented a simple, safe and quick folding mechanism. This means that the STREETBOOSTER can be folded or unfolded in 3 seconds.26 km real rangeWe tested the range of our STREETBOOSTER under real conditions: Test rider 80 kg, throttle pressed down, normal to steep terrain. We covered a real range of 26 km before the e-scooter stopped. However, we also determined the range on the test stand. With a load of 75 kg and a constant 15 km/h, our e-scooter covered 40 km.Only 13.5 kg lightAn e-scooter should never be too heavy, even if it usually only has to be lifted into the trunk or carried on buses and trains. However, anything weighing more than 18 kg is no longer manageable. Unless you want to save yourself a trip to the gym. Our STREETBOOSTER One therefore weighs just 13.5 kg and is easy to carry.Safe front wheel brakeMany e-scooters have a front wheel brake that is too strong, too weak or too jerky. There is a risk of not coming to a stop in time or - in the worst case - of falling. The front brake on our STREETBOOSTER One, on the other hand, can be finely and continuously adjusted and is still powerful. The battery is also recharged during each braking process (recuperation).7-year spare parts supplyOur STREETBOOSTERs can usually be repaired without much effort. We keep a permanent stock of all spare parts - for 7 years after purchase. That's what we mean by sustainability.Technical data "E-Scooter STREETBOOSTER One with road approval"Dimensions unfolded (LxWxH): 110 cm x 43 cm x 117 cmDimensions folded (LxWxH): 110 cm x 43 cm x 48 cmBattery: Lithium-ion 7.5 Ah / 270 WhApp (via Bluetooth): Android & iOSRear brake: Disc brakeFront brake: Electric with recuperationDisplay: LCDWeight: 13.5 kgHeight of footboard to handlebar: 101 cmIP class: IP54 (splash-proof)Charging time to 100 %: 5 hours (battery-saving)Charging time to 80 %: 2 hoursMaximum speed: 22 km/hMaximum gradient: 10 %Maximum rider weight:: 106 kgMaximum power: 650 wattsRated continuous power: 350 wattsWheelbase: 84 cmReal range: up to 26 kmTires: 8.5 inch air-filledSecurity: immobilizer, password protectionSCOPE OF DELIVERY đź—¸VehicleChargerrechargeable batteryInstruction manualTool kitInsurance license plate (only valid after activation)

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A compact, lightweight electric scooter with monoshock suspension, PU puncture-proof tires, only 12.7 kg. Certainly an enrichment in the city scooter sector where puncture safety and weight are an issue.Technical data:Max. Speed: 20 km/h SpeedMotor: 36 Volt 250 Watt hub motor in the rearBrake: drum brake front, direct brake rearLight: integrated LED lightPayload: 100KgMax. range 7.0 Ah battery 20 KmSuspension: MonoshockColor: black