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TRAVELSCOOT Bare Bone Escape - second frame for the Escape

Product information "TRAVELSCOOT Bare Bone Escape - second frame for the Escape"

A TravelScoot in reserve?
Bare Bone second frame for the Escape.
Although the TravelScoot has proven to be very reliable over the years, there are still occasions when a reserve vehicle would be quite handy.

Even the most reliable vehicle needs maintenance or repair from time to time and who better to do this than the manufacturer or importer? However, for the vast majority of customers, the manufacturer or importer is not close by, and it could take a week or more to ship the vehicle back and forth. But many TravelScoot owners use their scooter practically every day and cannot or do not want to do without it for so long.

For maintenance/repair, it is sufficient in most cases to send in the folded base frame without the seat group, battery, luggage cover, footrests and front wheel.

TravelScoot Bare-Bone Replacement Frame for the Escape
You can now purchase a replacement frame for your Escape at a reduced price and add these components to create a spare vehicle in minutes. This way, if your TravelScoot breaks down temporarily, you won't be subjected to deprivation of any kind!

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