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Product information "TRAVELSCOOT FRAME Escape"

The Escape travel scooter frame now with low entry - with 200 W 24V DC hub motor, reverse modes and band brake, wide front wheel, seat with backrest, detachable footrests with walking stick quiver. Offered here without battery without charger without bag. Dimensions in cm: 72l x 52w x 27h at 9,5 Kg only frame, front wheel & seat.

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Question : how do you tell which model of a travelscoot  I have
From : customer


There are 3 basic 3-whelled models:

1. very old TravelScoot Deluxe with belt drive (external motor and a belt between motor and wheel)

2. Deluxe model with hub motor (you can even fold sidewards)

3. The Escape model (lower entry) foldable just top-down; not the side. Advantage = very very easy to fold and the low entry!