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TRAVELSCOOT Trailer 2-in1 for persons and freight

Product information "TRAVELSCOOT Trailer 2-in1 for persons and freight"

This is a is a multifunctional trailer with 2-in-1 principle. On the one hand you can take a person on board with the trailer (and the included seatsystem) and on the other hand you can transport a lot of different things on the included platform - boxes, backpacks, dog basket, and and and... - loads up to 110 Kg and the weight of the trailer is just 5 Kg without seat and 7 Kg incl. the seat. Size = 112 l x 53 b x 28 h and the trailer platform to load things comes with 62 x 42 cm. Not for use on public roads!

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Question : And batery ?
From : customer

Dear, with the TravelScoot 2in1 trailer comes no battery - it is just the accessory-trailer.

This product is only the trailer which can be attached to the TravelScoot scooter -  (the TravelScooter set of course comes with a battery). 

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