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Wider front wheel and fork

Product information "Wider front wheel and fork"

Provides improved handling on tougher terrain such as grass, snow or rutted surfaces. Easy to install. Fits older (belt-driven) TravelScoots as well.

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Question : I bought my Travelscoot in 2009 from Travelscoot when it was only in the USA. I do not know what is the model of my Travelscoot. Is it a Deluxe model, or an equivalent? I want to buy a wider wheel and fork. Thank you for your clarification.
From : customer


Dear M.,

from 2003 to 2019 it is a Deluxe model 

...(or a TravelScoot Shopper - but the TravelScoot Shopper got narrow tires with just 2 cm width and no exchangeble fork or front wheel during this period).

Following your article number is correct and it will fit in your deluxe model.

TravelScoot sales EU.