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foldable rear mirror
• can be folded up quickly• large, convex mirror surface = larger viewing angle• Increases traffic safety because you can keep an eye on the traffic behind you• easy and quick assembly• No scratching of painted handlebars• When the mirror is folded down, the adjustment is retained and no laborious re-adjustment is necessary• Can only be used on the left

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Universal mirror according to STVZO clip-on handlebar mounting
Mirror universal

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Contec mirror E-New XS
for inside handlebar clamp Ø 16 mm, suitable for right or leftLens made of safety glass, lens Ø 65 mm, adjustable rear-view mirror, frame made of nylon with glass fiber content, black

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Rear mirrow ZEFAL SPY - easy to adjust
This mirrow is just pulled over the handlebar grip and ready to use - that easy!

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Mirrow ZEFAL Compact Spin
Foldable mirrow small and compact fits in the handlebar

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Handlebar mirrow Zefal Cyclop
more panorama view than the little brother Spin - only 50g with wide angle